Online Reputation Management

Stay in control of your reputation online. We have 15 years’ experience dealing with complex cases where the reputation of our clients is at stake.

Online reputation management (ORM) is the practice of monitoring and improving the online perception of an individual or brand. It involves tracking what people are saying about you or your business online and taking steps to address any negative comments or reviews.CorpStation is the leading ORM agency in the Region: over the past 15 years, we dealt with complex cases involving Wikileaks and Panama Papers, at the highest level of the private and public sectors.

An effective ORM requires a combination of knowledge, experience and several technical expertise. The service might involve:

Online monitoring : This involves tracking what people and media are saying about you or your business, online, including social media, review sites, forums, and blogs.

Reputation analysis : Once we’ve gathered information about our client’s online reputation, we analyze it to determine what the main issues are, what the most common complaints or concerns are, and what the sentiment is overall.

Content creation and management : We create new content, such as blog posts, social media updates, or press releases, to address negative feedback and improve our client’s online reputation.

Search engine optimization (SEO) : A key element what of we do: optimizing our client’s website and other online assets to improve their search engine ranking, making it easier for people to find positive content about them online.

Review management : Responding to negative reviews and comments, and working to address any concerns that customers or clients may have.

If you have any concerns about your online reputation or are facing with a challenge, talk to us.

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Ala'a AlKhader
Ala'a AlKhader
Fantastic experience with CorpStation for website development. Creative, skilled, and delivered beyond expectations.
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