We have extensive knowledge of the educational sector as we proudly support the local UAE Ministries, Ministerial Agencies, Universities, and Schools since 2010. Among our projects, we are in charge of all Sustainable School and Campus initiatives, and leading e-learning projects such as the e-GREEN.

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We are passionate about supporting the Educational sector and the players involved in making a difference in educating future generations.

Since our very early years we have been involved with the public sector in the UAE and KSA to support their effort in communicating in an engaging and digital way with the students and general public.

We have many stories to share.

Starting back in 2009 we helped Government Agencies in the UAE to launch educational programs in Schools and Campuses, developing content, designing tool and supporting the drive for digitalization.

In the early 10’, we have developed the Interactive Atlas of the Abu Dhabi Emirates: the most ambitious educational project to date to educate the general public about the environment we live in. The Interactive Atlas includes an e-learning section and a section providing teachers with tools, assets, lesson plans, posters and much more to allow them to teach hours of in-class lessons. Over the years, this tool has been used in over 25 countries and remains a key free asset in various educational systems.

During the decade 2010-2020 we have been involved in leading Governmental projects in the UAE that have achieved pretty much 100% digitalization of educational programs. Examples are the digitalization of Enviro-Spellaton, Sustainable School and Sustainable Campus programs in Abu Dhabi, among many others.

Fast forwarding to 2021, we achieved our long-time dream of creating the first e-learning platform worldwide dedicated to the environmental sector, the e-GREEN. Thanks to the support of EAD, the e-GREEN is now a reality:

Benchmarked with LinkedIn Learning, it contains hundreds of hours of video courses, and will keep expanding. In 2022, new learning paths are added and well-known international organizations and individuals are involved. Stay tuned for the next exciting announcements about the e-GREEN!

These are just some of our highlights. We are also proud of all the work we do with Universities, promoting their latest project, developing their online programs and devising effective social media campaigns.

We have much more to share, looking forward to hearing from you!