We develop search strategies for large brands to small and medium-sized enterprises. We’re a team of technical and creative experts dedicated to smarter search engine marketing. Our marketers run remarkably successful search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns using a unique blend of data, technology, and creativity.


Our aim is to connect the dots for you so that audience finds you at the right time. Your website is one of our main marketing tools and your best tool to achieve your marketing goals. To get you qualified leads we need those business-relevant keywords to work for you.

Our keyword strategy includes short and long-tail words you want to perform for based on your priorities, traffic, and competitiveness, among other key criteria.

Once we have identified your keywords, we proceed with optimizing your website and investigate your content strategy.


Our SEO technical experts take a close look at your website. The aim is to optimize your landing point so that there are no obstacles left to perform. Like preparing a car before a race, we conduct an in-depth technical analysis to equip your websites with all tools required to win the search competition.

Among the aspects our Team investigates, site speed and mobile optimization are at the top of the list. We also look at page titles, URLs and image optimizations, meta descriptions, among many other elements. Very often, we uncover serious technical issues that would have undermined any SEO-efforts conducted on the website.


Content is a crucial aspect of any SEO effort. Long are gone the days when stuffing keywords on a static landing page would suffice to be on page 1: Today, only original, frequent, and engaging content does the job.

Not only that but content should also be SEO-optimized to help the website with search ranking. Creating amazing copy from an intellectual point of view is not sufficient, your content should be structured in a way that is easily recognized by Google.

Your content strategy might include creating new dedicated landing pages, or enhancing your existing web page content, or developing new FAQ sections on every page. Not two content strategies are the same, as they should reflect your starting point, your SEO objectives and priorities.