Legumes from Europe European Commission

Legumes from Europe European Commission

Legumes From Europe is a special three-year campaign, partly financed by the European Commission that includes social media postings, as well as competitions with food bloggers and journalists.

CorpStation has been selected as the local PR and digital Agency to run the three-years program in the United Arab Emirates. Our Team is taking care of all aspects related to this ambitious program, and making sure we reach the KPIs set by the European Commission.

For this purpose, we have built a Team composed of different professionals: our dedicated Project Manager coordinates the work of the PR & Events Team, as well as of the Digital Team.

During the three-year period, we organize an annual event where we invite over 100 journalists, social media influencers, distributors, and food bloggers. Organized in exclusive locations, if you live in the UAE chances are you have seen some of the social media posts dedicated to our events as we usually reach a combined social media following in the order of millions.

Our Team also takes care of the media distribution of press releases and other media communications through our PR distribution network, both in English and Arabic.

Twice a year, we organize food competitions run by well-known food bloggers: competitors have the chance to win amazing prizes and get to know chefs and food-related celebrities.

On social media, we post regularly new recipes, tips, and engaging content. To support our social media communication we produce video assets, including mini-clips, events coverage, live-cooking videos and much more.

Check all information about the project at the dedicated website: https://legumesfromeurope.com

It is a pleasure for us to be the selected partner of the European Commission in the UAE and we look forward to more exciting projects together.

If you are looking for a creative, reliable, and senior Agency able to manage complex PR and digital projects, have a look at our portfolio and get in touch with us.